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    Fund The Mission

    The National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware appreciates the generous donations we receive from individuals, companies and foundations. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization and all contributions are tax-deductible. Donations can be made online or by mail. If you would like to make a contribution by check please make the check out to the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware and mail to:

    Donate by Mail
    National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware
    Heaver Plaza
    1301 York Road, Suite 209
    Lutherville, MD 21093

    Make an Online Donation to NKF of MD

    Patient Emergency Assistance Program

    emergencyFinancial assistance grants are provided to transplant recipients and chronic kidney disease and dialysis patients daily. This support is considered a resource of last resort; this financial assistance is need-based and can be used to meet critical, short-term emergency needs such as food, utilities, rent or medication expenses. On average NKF-MD-DE distributes $200,000 annually all because of the generosity of individuals and foundations who want to make a difference in the lives of kidney patients. Assistance per individual is approved in amounts up to $200 each, one time a year. This allows NKF-MD-DE the opportunity to provide support to approximately 1,000 kidney patients annually – with your support our goal is to sustain our ability to provide financial assistance and expand our reach! While any amount is appreciated, please consider a donation of $200 or more today!

    Workplace Giving

    workplacegiving1Make your gift go even further! 15,000 U.S. companies Match Gifts…Does Yours?

    Many companies will match gifts employees make to nonprofit organizations, including for volunteer hours served. Some even match gifts made by retirees and spouses of employees.

    Find out if your employer or other companies will match your gift to the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware. Ask your Human Resources department if they match gifts to see if you can make your gift to NKF-MD-DE go even further.

    For more information about the Matching Gifts & Workplace Giving, contact Pattie Dash at pattie.dash@kidney.org

    If you prefer to give to the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware through The United Way or Community Health Charities, the codes are:

    8029 – United Way
    85803 – Community Health Charities

    Planned Giving and Gift Annuity Program

    planned giving imageTo fund its important programs, the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware depends heavily on private contributions from caring individuals. And every year, more of these donors are discovering the benefits of supporting the NKF-MD-DE through their estate plans.

    These donations (often called planned gifts) can offer many advantages:

    • Reduce estate taxes
    • Provide a life income stream
    • Allow you to make a much larger gift than you thought possible
    • Receive a current income tax deduction
    • Reduce or avoid capital gains tax
    • Support the vital work of the NKF-MD

    To make all that we do possible, the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware depends heavily on private contributions from caring individuals throughout the country. And every year, more of these contributors are discovering the benefits of supporting the NKF-MD-DE through what has come to be called planned giving.

    That means planning your gift with regard for tax and estate implications. It enables you to help NKF-MD-DE and move toward your personal financial goals at the same time. There are many ways of planned giving that are available to you when you give to the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware. They include:

    Gifts For The Present

    An outright gift of cash is the simplest and most popular type of charitable gift. It goes to work immediately, meeting current needs or serving as an endowment. You receive an income tax deduction for the full amount you give. For example, if you are in the 31 percent marginal tax bracket, a $5,000 cash gift to the NKF will result in tax savings of $1,550, so the actual cost of the gift to you is only $3,450. An outright gift of appreciated securities such as stocks or bonds provides an extra tax benefit. In addition to receiving an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the security, you also avoid tax on the capital gain.

    Gifts For The Future

    A gift that is planned now but does not become available to NKF until a future time is known as a “deferred gift.” Two common types are the charitable bequest and the gift of life insurance.

      • A charitable bequest to the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland and Delaware can be as simple as a sentence or two in the body of your will. Your bequest may specify a certain sum of money: “I give to the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware the sum of $ to be used for its general purposes.” You may also give a particular asset (“my shares of XYZ stock. . .”) or a portion of the residue of your estate after other bequests have been paid (“50% of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate. . .”). You may designate your bequest to be used for a particular aspect of NKF-MD-DE’s programs, and you may indicate whether it is for current needs. (Such conditions should be discussed beforehand with an NKF-MD-DE representative to ensure that your wishes can be met.) Because it is revocable, a bequest provides no current income tax deduction, but when a bequest is distributed, the amount will be deductible from your taxable estate.
      • A gift of life insurance can provide a significant future gift to NKF-MD-DE at an affordable present cost to you. Many people own some form of life insurance because of its unique ability to meet a variety of needs for financial protection, but its role in planned charitable giving is frequently overlooked. Giving a new or existing policy will provide a tax deduction for the present cash value of the policy and/or the future premiums you pay if the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware is named as beneficiary and owner of the policy. (Simply designating NKF-MD-DE as beneficiary does not result in a tax deduction.)

    Gifts That Give Back

    The third category of planned gifts includes those that “give back” by combining a charitable gift with life income for you and/or other beneficiaries you designate. These popular plans can help you make a substantial gift to NKF-MD-DE while still providing for your personal financial needs. They offer significant tax benefits and, depending on the asset contributed, may even increase your cash flow.

      • The charitable gift annuity is the oldest, simplest and most popular life income gift. In exchange for a contribution of cash, marketable securities or (in some cases) real estate, the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware agrees to pay a specified life annuity to the donor and/or another beneficiary. Although rates depend on the ages of the beneficiaries, annuities frequently provide greater cash flow than fixed payment investments. A portion of the contribution is tax-deductible in the year of the gift, and a portion of the annuity will be tax-free. With appreciated property, tax on the gain is reduced.
      • The charitable remainder trust is a planned giving arrangement in which property is irrevocably transferred to a trustee under a trust agreement. Income (and, in some cases, principal) from the trust is paid to the donor and/or other beneficiaries for life or a term of years. At the end of that time, NKF-MD-DE receives the remaining trust assets. Such trusts offer great flexibility in meeting individual income and estate planning needs. The trust payout rate, set in consultation with NKF-MD-DE, may be a fixed amount or a percentage of the trust assets as revalued annually. At the time of the transfer, the donor receives a tax deduction for the actuarially-determined present value of the remainder interest.

    Look over the possibilities and find those that best suit your situation. Use the response form to request further information that you can review with your financial or tax advisor. When you are ready to proceed, please contact Pattie Dash at 443.322.0379 or email pattie.dash@kidney.org for help in completing your gift.

    The information on this page does not constitute legal or financial advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional counsel. The National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware encourages you to seek professional legal, estate planning and financial advice before deciding on a course of action.

    For additional information or assistance with any of these gift options, please contact Pattie Dash at 443.322.0378 or email pattie.dash@kidney.org 

    Memorial and Tribute Gifts

    Memorial gifts are a special way to remember a loved one or friend. You may also choose to mark a friend or family member’s birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion. Your gift may be designated to a specific program such as the Patient Emergency Assistance Program, KEY or KHRA screenings or Research Grants.

    Your gift to the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware can be a thoughtful way to recognize or honor others. You may choose to make a heartfelt expression of thanks in honor of a physician or other health care provider.

    You can make a gift in honor or in memory online. Or mail your contribution, including the details regarding the person in whose honor or memory your gift is being made, to the address below. Please make checks payable to National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware.

    National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware
    1301 York Road, Suite 209
    Lutherville, MD 21093

    As a follow-up to your contribution, we will inform the person in whose honor the gift is being made – or the family of the loved one in whose memory the gift is made – without including the amount. Please include honoree’s name and address in any correspondence.

    At the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware, we are pleased to assist you in creating a gift in honor or in memory of your loved one. National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware team members can also help you include memorial gift information in obituaries. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Sample sentences include:

    “The family requests that memorial gifts be forwarded to the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware, 1301 York Road, Suite 209, Lutherville, MD 20193.”

    “Gifts in memory of ‘Mr. Smith’ may be made to the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland by mailing to National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware, 1301 York Road, Suite 209, Lutherville, MD 20193.”

    If you would like more information or assistance, please contact us at info@kidneymd.org or by telephone at 410.494.8545.

    Click here to make a donation


    Bequests Help future generations fight kidney disease with a bequest of any size in your will, or enjoy tax advantages through a variety of planned giving opportunities that pay income to you until you no longer need it.

    Join the Fight!: Planned Gifts/Bequests
    What Kind of Legacy Will You Leave?
    We all want to leave a lasting and significant impression on those people that are most dear to us. Planning for the future and considering the legacy you will leave is one of the most effective ways to ensure a lasting impact on the world in which you live.

    For many people considering their legacy, ensuring that their loved ones will be sufficiently cared for in the future is of paramount importance. Making a charitable bequest is one of the easiest ways to guarantee that your legacy endures.

    What Is a Charitable Bequest?
    A charitable bequest is a written statement in your will or trust directing a gift be made to a qualified exempt charity as part of the disposition of your estate. A charitable bequest is one of the most flexible estate planning tools because it can be changed at any time. This ability to remain in complete control of your property during life makes a charitable bequest one of the most popular methods of giving.

    What Type of Bequest Should You Consider?
    Though making a charitable bequest is a flexible and easy way to ensure the impact of your legacy, there are some important things to consider before incorporating a charitable bequest into your estate plan. The property passing by bequest through your will is subject to probate. Also, the amount of your bequest and the type of your bequest will depend on the value of your estate and the specific assets in your estate.
    There are several types of charitable bequests. Depending on your needs and objectives, one type may be better suited for your estate plan than another.

    • Gift of a specific dollar amount
    • Gift of a percentage of your estate
    • Gift of a specific asset
    • Gift of the residue of your estate (the assets that remain in your estate after other bequests, tax and administrative costs have been satisfied)

    The Legacy You Leave
    The Planned Giving professionals at the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware are trained to assist you in evaluating various charitable bequest options. We will provide you with confidential information that will ensure you receive the maximum tax benefits and meet your estate plan objectives, as you shape your legacy for future generations.

    The only question left to ask yourself is …. What kind of legacy will you leave?

    Request Bequest Information
    If you would like additional information on naming the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware in your bequest, please contact Pattie Dash at pattie.dash@kidney.org

    Gifts of Stock and Property

    stock marketA gift of appreciated securities, including stocks or bonds, is an easy way for you to make a gift to your Donor-Advised Foundation at the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware.
    NKF-MD-DE is not affiliated with any investment firm. This gives donors the ability to maintain a relationship with their existing financial advisor. The recommended advisor can then provide investment advice and establish investment accounts for the benefit of the gift that is balanced and customized to meet your needs.
    Some of the potential benefits may include:

    ⦁ Avoid paying capital gains tax.
    ⦁ Receive a charitable income tax deduction.
    ⦁ Enjoy possible increased income.
    ⦁ Further the charitable mission of your Foundation today!

    Make your gift today by electronic transfer! It’s easy; please contact Pattie Dash at pattie.dash@kidney.org or Susan Sommers at ssommers@kidneymd.org for delivery instructions to make a transfer from your brokerage account to the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware’s programs.

    Corporate Sponsorships

    Download our General Annual Partnership Document Template here.

    Become a National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware Corporate Supporter and help the 26 million Americans with kidney disease.

    ⦁    26 million Americans have kidney disease, that’s one in nine U.S. adults, and another 20 million are at risk.
    ⦁    Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans, and American Indians are in the highest risk group for kidney disease.
    ⦁    More than 382,000 people rely on a dialysis machine for survival.
    ⦁    More than 88,000 people are on a waiting list for a kidney transplant.
    ⦁    Ten people die each day waiting for a transplant.
    ⦁    Early detection and proper treatment can prevent or slow the progress of the disease.

    The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is looking to develop relationships with corporations and brands that are willing to work with us to promote early detection of kidney disease, improve the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by kidney disease, and increase the availability of organs for the 110,000 Americans that are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant.

    Corporate sponsorship provides the opportunity for your brand to:

    ⦁    Connect with people who have chronic kidney disease and those who are at risk for the disease (people with diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history of those conditions and disease), their families and the communities they live in.
    ⦁    Make a positive impact in their lives.
    ⦁    Raise funds to advance research for prevention and treatment of kidney disease.
    ⦁    Participate in outreach and education programs around the country.
    ⦁    Help close the gap that exists between the need for organs for transplantation and organ availability.
    ⦁    Support advocacy efforts.

    Ways to Get Involved
    We invite corporate America to join our efforts in developing and implementing world class educational initiatives, programs and events. Corporate sponsorship offers a variety of ways for companies and their employees to get involved:

    ⦁    Cause Marketing Partnership: From licensed products to campaigns that drive sales and brand awareness, the NKF looks forward to developing a customized and creative cause solution with your brand.
    ⦁    Event Sponsorship: Support the NKF through a range of memorable events throughout the year and around the country
    ⦁    NKF Golf Classic – the nation’s premier amateur golf event for charity. Each year thousands of golfers from across the country participate in over 40 local events, with the top three qualified finishers invited to compete in the National Finals at Pebble Beach, CA. Locally, NKF-MD-DE typically hosts the NKF Golf Classic in September. For more information contact Pattie Dash at pattie.dash@kidney.org
    ⦁    Kidney Walk – more than 100 walks annually present an opportunity for dialysis patients, organ transplant recipients, donor families, living donors, the medical communities, and the general public to celebrate life and support the Foundation’s mission from coast to coast. Locally, NKF-MD-DE hosts three walk events, contact Pattie Dash, Vice President of Mission Advancement for more information at pdash@kidneymd.org.
    ⦁    Kidney Early Evaluation KEY Screening and KHRA Screenings –  NKF’s celebrated free kidney health screening program is designed to raise awareness about kidney disease among high risk individuals, so that kidney disease and its complications can be prevented or delayed. Over 160,000 Americans participate in local KEY events.
    ⦁     Patient and Professional Educational Programs – Comprehensive education for patients and healthcare professionals to prevent, identify, and treat Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), manage and prevent CKD complications, and improve patient outcomes. All programs and activities are based on scientific evidence.
    ⦁    Renal Rounds and Scientific Sessions – Reach over 100 health care providers who attend NKF’s annual educational conference to learn new developments related to all aspects of nephrology.
    ⦁    Media Partnership – Help encourage everyone to “Love Your Kidneys” by providing pro-bono media placement for the National Kidney Foundation’s new multimedia campaign. Our “Love Your Kidneys” public education campaign is a direct call-to-action to take care of your kidneys through early intervention.
    ⦁    Workplace Giving: Consider a workplace giving campaign and a matching gift program as part of your corporate philanthropy to encourage employees to make charitable contributions. Workplace giving programs increase employee satisfaction and engagement by providing an easy and efficient way to donate to their favorite charities through payroll deductions. Establishing a matching gift program further demonstrates your company’s willingness to invest in the causes that matter to your employees. The NKF can also support your efforts by providing other educational services and programs to enhance your corporate culture and the health of your employees.

    For more information on corporate sponsorship opportunities and how your company can help save lives right now, contact Pattie Dash, Executive Director at 443.322.0328 or pdash@kidney.org.

    3rd Party Fundraising Events & Activities

    Host a Third-Party Fundraiser

    Would you like to hold an event from which proceeds benefit the NKF-MD-DE? Many businesses, community groups and individuals enjoy hosting activities or events to support our work. Find more ideas and details about third-party fundraising please contact info@kidneymd.org.

    Third-Party Fundraiser Application

    Please read the Guidelines (PDF) before completing this application.

    Once the application form is received, it will be reviewed for consideration and approval. We will contact you to discuss the details of the event.
    Note: Filling out this application doesn’t guarantee you will be approved.

    Name of Event*


    Contact Name*

    Street Address*

    PO Box*




    Telephone Number*

    Fax Number*

    Email Address*

    Event Description:

    How Much is Expected to be Raised?

    How will revenue be generated (i.e. admission fees, tickets, raffle, proceeds, goods for sale)?:

    Electronic Signature

    Amazon Smile





    Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland whenever you shop on AmazonSmile. All you need to do is select National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware as your charity of choice, start shopping and Amazon will send a donation from your purchases. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service. It’s easy and you can show your support and help us fight for kidney patients today! The best part is that you can show your support all year-long so shop away!


    Kidney Cars


    Donate your old car, van, truck, or boat to help improve the lives of the millions of Americans affected by kidney disease.

    Social Supporter

    One of the best ways to share the importance of kidney disease is through social media. We encourage you to take a moment to join us as a social supporter by finding us, following us and sharing our important message with your friends and followers.