Your Kidneys & You Program

The National Kidney Foundation’s Your Kidneys & You program was developed to raise awareness among the general public and individuals at risk for kidney disease by
educating them about kidneys, risk factors for kidney disease, and what can be done to protect kidneys.

Your Kidneys & You is a volunteer-led presentation on kidneys, risk factors and
preventative action steps, with a focus on where to turn for more information.
Volunteers are trained by NKF local offices to deliver this presentation to the general public, corporate audiences and at-risk populations.

You may request a Your Kidneys & You presentation for your workplace, civic organization, school, club or place of worship by contacting Pattie Dash at 410.494.8545.

If you are interested in volunteering to provide Your Kidneys & You presentations, please contact Pattie Dash at 410.494.8545 to
arrange a training session.