12 Days of Giving: The Story of Adam Klemanski



12 Days of Giving
The Story of Adam Klemanski

Adam has had diabetes since he was 12 years old. His kidneys were spilling protein into his urine and he was able to maintain function and keep a close eye on his condition until around 2014. Adam’s kidney function continued to decline, and he started dialysis in February of 2017 in Georgetown, DE.  Right after starting dialysis, Adam started the process to be listed for a transplant and what a journey it has been for Adam.
Adam needs a kidney and a pancreas transplant and is getting closer each day. Adam has also managed to lose over 175 pounds since starting dialysis, which he knows will increase his chances of a successful surgery and for his new kidney and pancreas to work their best.  Adam is an advocate for kidney patients and also is a volunteer with the National Kidney Foundation and the Southern Delaware Kidney Walk.
Help us wish the best of luck to Adam in 2019 as he finishes up his testing and awaits that call to get his new kidney and pancreas!
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