12 Days of Giving: The Story of Tisha Guthrie


12 Days of Giving
                The Story of Tisha Guthrie                                              

My name is Tisha, I live in Mt. Vernon and I am a transplant recipient. I am a member on the Greater Baltimore Kidney Walk Committee and have participated in the Walk event for eight years. My Walk team name is Team Zumba! So, here’s my story:
In 2005, at the age of 30, I was diagnosed with End Stage Renal disease and I was devastated! No stranger to the trials that life has in store, I did my best to wade through the physical and emotional flood of emotions and toll that kidney disease has on your life. My health continued to decline, and severe intervention was inevitable. As I became acquainted with the wonderful individuals, both patients and staff, at my dialysis clinic, I learned just how many people, ethnicities and age groups are touched by renal disease.
Having been a long-time self-advocate, I also took it upon myself to learn what I could about my condition. That was when I discovered the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland & Delaware (NKFMDDE) and their awesome initiatives. What made the organization real to me was remembering the faces of dialysis family and now knowing that so many were assisted by the NKFMDDE.
I am grateful to my donor, my Dad!
Together, we can raise $200,000 for kidney disease patients before December 31st. Please consider supporting us by making your best donation by visiting http://bit.ly/NKFMDDEYE18 today!