12 Days of Giving

The Story of Clark Patterson

 “I was a diabetic for 45 years and developed kidney failure. I was on dialysis for almost four years. The doctors would not give me a kidney without a pancreas due to my diabetes. I was on the transplant list for five years. By God’s grace, a donor of a kidney and pancreas became available that was a match for me.”

“That has been a year and a half ago and everything is going great for me. I have never had a life as an adult without insulin. I am no longer held back by diabetes or dialysis. This year I will not only be helping at the Southern Delaware Kidney Walk, I will be able to walk in it for the first time! I want to thank the Rehoboth Beach Fresenius Dialysis Unit. They took great care of me while I was on dialysis.  I owe them a lot for keeping me going until my transplant. I now have a new lease on life with my children and my grandchildren. My wife and I are able to take trips now in a way that we never could before.” 

Making a difference can happen in several ways!

To learn more about how to become a living donor visit https://www.kidney.org/atoz/content/living-donation, you can give the gift of life to someone like Clark!

Make an impact – Won’t YOU be a beacon of LIGHT & HOPE for those who suffer with kidney disease? Your donation will have a huge IMPACT in our community.

DONATE TODAY – there are only three days left to make your best gift prior to year-end!