Kidney Story: Amari Luster

Team Captain of Molly’s Monsters for the Kidney Walk

This amazing family/friends have been participating in the Kidney Walk for 5 years now. They came up with the name Molly’s Monsters when she was sick and would say, ” The monsters are good monsters and they’re trying to make me better.”  

Here is her story:

“Amari was diagnosed with hydronephrosis when she was born her right kidney was in large the first year of her life was spent on antibiotics and lots of testing to check the urine flow bladder and kidney function.

Amari had surgery done on May 9th 2013 a month after her first birthday to remove the bottom right part of the enlarged kidney. Since then and has been up and down. Whenever she has a fever we have to make sure it’s not her kidneys. Which causes us to have to go through a lot of urine samples, X-rays and blood work.

As a mom it is very tough at times knowing that there is something going on in your child’s body that you have no control over. Especially when she gets fevers and they won’t break with Tylenol or Ibuprofen and you just have to wait for the antibiotic to kick in to get some type of relief.

We also do the walk because I lost my grandmother Christine (she passed away before I was born) to kidney failure and I had my Aunt Shirley passed away from kidney cancer. I also have a cousin Davon Steele and a friend Mykeisha Staton who are both on dialysis and waiting on the Kidney donor list.”

Join Molly’s Monsters at this years Kidney Walk to help them in our mission to end kidney disease.

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