Natalee Russ

Natalee was not even 1 years old when she encountered problems with her kidneys. Since, she is so young her mother Katelyn has told us her story to share with all of you.

I found out that Natalee would be missing her right kidney when I went for a gender ultrasound. My doctor ended up sending me to Annapolis to make sure everything would be okay with Natalee.

February 1, 2016 Natalee made her arrival and 24 hours later they did a test called a VCUG; The test results came back and she has a grade 5 reflux (hydronephrosis) Natalee’s doctors have had her on antibiotics for a preventative since day 1.

The beginning of April comes around and Natalee was burning up (she felt like sunburn) We immediately went to PRMC where they discovered that she had a very bad UTI and after putting her on antibiotics to treat the infection and medicine for her fever, it still wouldn’t break so we were flown to Johns Hopkins Hospital.

When we arrived we had also found out that Natalee also had a kidney infection which eventually the infection got into her blood stream causing her to have sepsis. We almost lost Natalee by the skin on our teeth.

I didn’t lose hope and Natalee didn’t stop fighting! She had a few blood transfusions as well as a transfusion for platelets. After about four weeks we were able to come home. Natalee ended up having high potassium because of the infection; we were hospitalized and transferred to Johns Hopkins a few more times after the last incident due to high potassium. She is on a special formula that you can only order online called Similac 60/40.

In July we went to our  hospital (PRMC) and was transferred to JohnsHopkins once again for a UTI. While at Johns Hopkins they did an ultrasound on her kidney to check on it; they saw a lot of debris which required surgery to have a Nephrostomy tube placed in her kidney to drain into her diaper, this is also how she used the bathroom to urinate. The nephrostomy tube was only temporary till November. Natalee has pulled her nephrostomy tube out several times leaving us multiple trips up to Johns Hopkins for more surgeries just to have it placed back in.

November 21, 2016 came and Natalee was finally big enough to have her ureter reconstructed. The purpose of the reconstruction was to fix the reflux of her kidney so she can use the bathroom regularly and not get urinary tract infections as well as kidney infections.

Today is February 16, 2017 and we have not had one hospital visit/stay since her surgery. This first year of Natalee’s was not easy by any means! In the beginning of March Natalee will be having another VCUG done to see if her surgery was a success. I’m positive it was!”