Tired of insulin? Give Pancreas Transplantation a shot!

Tired of insulin? Give Pancreas Transplantation a shot. 

Nearly 29 million people in the United States are affected by diabetes. Pancreas transplants can dramatically improve the lives of patients with insulin dependent diabetes (type I and II).  And, for patients with kidney failure, a dual kidney pancreas (KP) transplant can help patients avoid both dialysis and insulin with a single operation.  It’s a life changing event!

In transplantation, faster is better. Perhaps hard to believe, the waiting times for combined kidney pancreas transplantation are more than 4 years shorter than for a kidney alone. In a three-to-five-hour surgery, patients are able to live diabetes-free and dialysis-free. These procedures can give you your life back!

Our team can help you! As one of the largest pancreas transplant centers in the USA (#2 for KP, #3 for pancreas overall in 2017), The University of Maryland Pancreas Transplant Program adds another powerful tool to the endocrinology toolbox – another pathway to the treatment of severe diabetes and kidney failure.

Call 410.328.5408 to schedule an evaluation for a pancreas transplant or visit umm.edu/transplant.

Dr. Joseph Scalea is the Director of the Pancreas Transplant Program at the University of Maryland Medical Center. He also works clinically on both the kidney and liver transplant teams. Follow Dr. Scalea via Facebook to learn more, check out this video https://youtu.be/DHo2TljBjm8.

The University of Maryland Medical Center is a Proud Annual Partner of the National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware. THANK YOU UMMC for supporting our organization!

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