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National Kidney Foundation Partnering with Orchard Hill Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center – Renal Support Group

Chronic Kidney Disease Management Program Towson Skilled Nursing Facility Partners with NKFMDDE for Monthly Support Group Meetings Orchard Hill Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, a Marquis Health Services member located in Towson, has launched a chronic kidney disease (CKD) management program, naming board-certified nephrologist Dr. Kamal Sewaralthahab, MD, NEP, FASN as its director. As a central component of the new program,.....Continue

Roys in Baltimore Supports NKFMDDE

Written by Jamie Buschman, Chef Partner, Roy’s Baltimore My father William Buschman was 28 years old when he was diagnosed with diabetes. Unfortunately this disease caused other problems for him late in life. At 42 years old he lost his sight completely, and months later he was told he had kidney failure. Both kidneys stopped working, I was about 12.....Continue

Sponsorship Opportunities Available – Your Company Can Make a Difference!

Join us on Thursday, February 28th for Santé A Taste of Baltimore With over 300 guests anticipated, this premier food and beverage event will feature delicious creations from 20 of Baltimore’s best restaurants, caterers and chefs, paired with enticing drinks. Adding to the fun will be celebrity judges, the People’s Choice competition, entertainment, raffles and a silent auction. Admission to this business causal evening is $100/person.....Continue

Last day to give in 2018

12 Days of Giving – The Story of Baby Natalee Our Journey …. Our Fight! My name is Katelyn and I am the mother of a beautiful baby girl, Natalee. I found out that Natalee was missing her right kidney when I went for a gender ultrasound. My doctor ended up sending me to Annapolis to ensure that everything would.....Continue

12 Days of Giving: The Story of Beloved Baltimore Raven’s Fan – Captain Dee-Fense

My Life …. My Story! I was diagnosed with Stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD) on January 21, 2009 after getting some routine Lab work completed. The doctors discovered that my Serum Creatinine levels just weren’t right. I had some type of kidney problems when I was very young, but I didn’t’ know exactly what the issues were. The thing.....Continue

12 Days of Giving

The Story of Clark Patterson  “I was a diabetic for 45 years and developed kidney failure. I was on dialysis for almost four years. The doctors would not give me a kidney without a pancreas due to my diabetes. I was on the transplant list for five years. By God’s grace, a donor of a kidney and pancreas became available.....Continue

12 Days of Giving – The Power of Love

12 Days of Giving – Meet the Ferracci’sThe Power of Love Michael Ferracci was placed on Dialysis in 2004 after being sick for many years. Like some men, he admits to not taking the best care of himself but started to get worried after much weight loss and not feeling well. It got to the point where he could not.....Continue

12 Days of Giving: The Story of Adam Klemanski

    12 Days of Giving The Story of Adam Klemanski Adam has had diabetes since he was 12 years old. His kidneys were spilling protein into his urine and he was able to maintain function and keep a close eye on his condition until around 2014. Adam’s kidney function continued to decline, and he started dialysis in February of.....Continue

12 Days of Giving: The Story of Tisha Guthrie

  12 Days of Giving                 The Story of Tisha Guthrie                                               My name is Tisha, I live in Mt. Vernon and I am a transplant recipient. I am a member on.....Continue

12 Days of Giving – Meet Sadie Chadwick-Carter

12 Days of Giving Meet Sadie Chadwick-Carter “I received my transplant on October 22, 2012 from a deceased donor. Prior to receiving my transplant, I was on dialysis for seven years. Today, I am doing well, but going from dialysis to transplant has been a big transition for me. It’s been challenging and has had its ups and downs over the years. I like that.....Continue