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  • The National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware offers a wide range of programs and services that benefit transplant recipients and chronic kidney disease and dialysis patients. If you have questions about specific programs, contact Pattie Dash at 410.494.8545 or click here to send an e-mail.

    Patient Emergency Assistance Program

    Financial assistance grants are provided to transplant recipients and chronic kidney disease and dialysis patients. Considered a resource of last resort, this financial assistance is need-based and can be used to meet critical, short-term emergency needs such as food, utilities, rent or medication. Requests for financial assistance must be made through social workers. Grants are limited to $200 per patient per year.

    KEY (Kidneys: Evaluate Yours) Screenings

    KEY is a FREE health screening program that helps to identify people who already have or may be at risk of developing kidney disease. Screenings are held throughout our service area and participation is FREE. Advance registration is NOT required. The screening includes a brief medical history, informed consent, blood pressure and weight measurements, and blood tests for random glucose and creatinine levels.

    All participants receive follow-up letters informing them of their test results. If test values fall outside the normal range, participants are encouraged to contact their physician for further testing and evaluation.

    Medical Identification Jewelry

    FREE medical identification jewelry is available to all transplant recipients and patients in dialysis treatment programs. Jewelry is available either as a bracelet or necklace. Requests must be made through the transplant or dialysis center.

    Nutritional Supplement Program

    Working with renal nutritionists in the dialysis centers, National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware provides nutritional supplements on a short-term basis to help stabilize dialysis patients with extreme financial hardship and medical need. The Council on Renal Nutrition organizes conferences, the proceeds of which support this program.


    Funds are provided directly to dialysis centers to cover emergency transportation needs. For dialysis patients with limited financial means, reliable transportation to and from dialysis can become a major obstacle to treatment, especially if public transportation is used.

    Your Kidneys & You

    Looking for someone to speak to your group about kidney disease? This education program is designed to raise awareness among the general public about kidneys, risk factors for kidney disease, and how to protect your kidneys. National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware is available to present this program in a variety of community and business settings. If you are interested in having us present to your group, please contact us. We are also looking for volunteer presenters! If you are interested in being trained to help us get the word out about kidney disease, contact Pattie Dash at 410.494.8545 or pattie.dash@kidney.org.

    Download our Kidneys & You Powerpoint Presentation – (English version)(Spanish version)