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Today, there are 26 million adults who suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease!

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Ray Harris’ Story: “In 1998 I was a physically active father of two without any limitations. As a recent graduate and Natural Resources Officer life was good! Than my life changed – after experiencing unexplained fatigue and swelling I saw my doctor. Blood tests revealed that my kidneys were failing and I was referred to Johns Hopkins. Next, I learned that because of the advanced stage of my renal failure a biopsy would be necessary. As a result I was diagnosed with FSGS – Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, which would require a kidney transplant or I would need to start dialysis to continue to live.”

Ray’s story didn’t end there, two transplants later he is awaiting for the news of his 3rd kidney transplant. Ray is a fighter, he wears a t-shirt proudly that states – “I am > Kidney Disease!”

Ray advocates in the community, watch this video clip to hear from Ray first-hand!
Ray says, “The National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware assists those negatively affected by Chronic Kidney Disease through educational health summits and CKD risk assessment testing. My ability to be a healthy happy family man has been improved with assistance from National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware.”

Please support Nkf Maryland between today and December 31st – your year-end gift makes it possible for us to support patients like Ray in our community.

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