The Gift of Life!

“The NKF inspires those who give and those who receive a kidney and provides valuable guidance to both.”
Transplant Patient – Larry Albert

Watch his story!

Larry Albert, Kidney Transplant Recipient (left) with daughter and donor, Kim Fisher (right)

Our Story—By Kim Fisher

“My father, Larry Albert, was diagnosed with kidney disease a few years ago due to medications he was prescribed over the years. As he was about to begin dialysis, I decided to get tested to be his kidney donor. At first my father did not want me to do this but after some convincing we agreed that if it was meant to be …. It would be! After numerous tests, we found out that I was a great match for my father. I had two excellent kidneys, and I was in good health myself. I knew that dialysis would not be a good treatment option for my father, he enjoys his freedom to go and do what he wants — whenever he wants! He agreed to the transplant and everything fell into place! “

“I support National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware because I was fortunate enough to be able to prolong my father’s life by donating my kidney. Many people do not have that option—I gave the gift of life!”  Kim Fisher