We Need Your Help to Educate the New Congress About Kidney Disease

We Need Your Help to Educate the New Congress About Kidney Disease

With President Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20th and the new Congress – with its 59 freshmen legislators – have begun discussions on legislation and policies that will impact healthcare and kidney patients across the country.  We need to make sure that the voices of kidney patients and their families are heard in Congress as they continue debating the future of healthcare.

Tell your story and urge your U.S. Representative and Senators to reintroduce and sponsor The Living Donor Protection Act, provide lifetime access for immunosuppressive medications through Medicare, and create a demonstration program to improve early detection and management of chronic kidney disease (CKD).   The importance of these policy issues has been receiving increased attention across the country, including in a December 22 National Public Radio article, featuring NKF CEO Kevin Longino on the importance of providing immunosuppressive medications to transplant recipients.

While you know the importance of these priorities, most members of Congress do not yet.  Join us today in our efforts from your home or office by urging your Representative and Senators to support these priorities.

Thank you for your support and efforts to improve the lives of all kidney patients.

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