12 Days of Giving – Meet Charlotte Rice

Since mid – October, Charlotte has been thriving! She has gained enough weight to be eligible for her Kidney transplant. She is running around everywhere and really starting to talk up a storm in a big girl voice. She amazes us every day.

The past few months, her daddy, Wes has been undergoing living donor testing to see if he will be a suitable donor for Charlotte. After a few setbacks, we found out that he is officially medically cleared to be her donor! Charlotte will be receiving her daddy’s left kidney! This truly is amazing news!

Over the past two weeks we have been re-vaccinating Charlotte so that hopefully when she gets her last round of bloodwork taken in early January it will show she has formed antibodies for all of the major illnesses, and we can then proceed with scheduling the transplant.

We are hopeful that we will be able to schedule the transplant for late February early March.

We are so excited that we have finally made it to this point. We have been waiting to give our little girl this gift of a kidney of her very own since before she was even born. This is a huge step towards Charlotte being able to live a long and healthy life without being dependent on Dialysis!

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Happy Holidays!